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Reflections Of Fall

Aww, the quieter times for cool refreshing weather rolling in and fall leaves changing. These breezes speak to me through the trees .

A time when one goes strolling down the trail listening to the birds coming and going.

The sounds of nature and the change in seasons brings joy to me.

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Wide eyed and wonder

Olivia wanted some watercolors for Christmas, but how does one work with a new medium?

It was my pleasure to work with her to help her get started.

The challenge for her was to keep her supplies away from her 4 year old brother… who of course want to help….

She then, being the big sister taught her little brother to paint too.

And that’s how to open the eyes to the wonder of ART.

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Moments in our life. 



Surprisingly enough one of the Many Monday’s that I was showing at Art in the Park was such a surprise…

This painting was done way before I had set eyes on this little man. He was so mesmerized at this painting, as I was at his reflection of the painting. 

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